Clear default value for a field



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    Karl Makatenas

    I can imagine several different scenarios based on your request.  Here are two.


    If you want the change to occur over every form in an application, use the Promote to Library command on the exact form where you made your changes.

    Then, go to every other form and Revert to Library.


    If you're trying to go into an already-running process and change the values, you'll first need to have an OnLoad rule that clears the field.

    Then, migrate the process to your new version.  When the user opens up the form, the field will clear, and after saving or submitting the form, you'll see the data update in the Runtime Manager.

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    Phread Langford

    The problem is that clicking the x on the default value is not clearing the default value.

    It still shows the variable that was placed there.


    But it's still there....

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    Karl Makatenas

    Could that be a display error?  Try clearing the default value, promoting to library, save+exit and close your browser.  Or even exporting and re-importing the application as an extreme measure.

    I know that I can only work in AgilePoint for about 1-2 hours at a time before I need to close/reopen my browser, so make sure you're not dealing with random cascading browser errors as well.

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    Phread Langford

    When I edit the field, then click on the x to clear the default value, then the X to close the field edit, it does not show the option to promote to library as it does not think anything has changed.  The default value is still there when I look at the field or open the edit on the field again.

    I tried with new browser session - same results.

    Then I tried a reboot - same results.

    Then I tried exporting and importing - same results.

    There has got to be something simple that I am just not getting.

    Is there anyway to see the properties of a field in the schema or library?

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    Karl Makatenas

    I don't ever remember there being an X to clear the field, so that's another awkward difference here.  If you're on an On Prem version of AgilePoint, I don't know what custom stuff may have taken place in your tenant, so a support ticket may be a better option at this point.

    The only guess I have left is that you need to make sure you are checking out/editing the form and you're not opening the form in View Only mode.

    You are right that you can open the Control Library and see the same things there:

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    Phread Langford

    I knew it was something silly....

    the x doesn't work.... you have to delete it with the backspace key.

    Yes, its on prem but there is no custom stuff added.


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