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    Aravind Rajanna

    Hello Sylvia,

    Please find the below answers to your questions.

    Is it possible to create a process-based application that is started by a form and that can also be called from the Create Process Instance API with the form data passed in the payload? 

    Yes, it is possible, you need to make use of CreateProcInst API. Please refer to the below document.

    And in that situation, is it possible that the process skips the form submission and takes the payload as the form data, and continues execution to the other activities in the application?

    Yes, you need to set AutoComplete = true on the submit step.

    Start Task


    An activity that shows an eForm that lets a participant start a process.

    Default Settings

    ·        The default participant is set to Process Initiator. When a human task activity starts a process, the process initiator must be included in the participant list.

    ·        The Auto Complete activity property is set to True. This means the first time a task is entered at runtime, it is automatically marked as Completed.

    ·        The Submit Step activity properties is set to True. This means that the activity starts the process.


    If that is possible, I assume that there must be process variables defined in the app and that the Attributes passed into the Create Process Instance must be named the exact same in order to map the values to the process variables.  True?  if so, how would that mapping be accomplished so that the process knows to skip the form entry?

    If you are making the API call in that case it would be the client application that is making the API call to create a process instance to prepare a proper XML file that matches the schema and passes the completed schema as part of the payload.

    In this scenario, would the application have to be created with the "External Form" process trigger?  If not, how should it be created?

    If you are using eforms as your Form technology that case you need to select eForms. If you are having your own from technology like, MVC, etc you need to use External Forms.

    Sorry for so many questions in one post!  I've read the documentation on create process instance, but I would love to see an example or a video with more explanation about how to set the whole thing up.

    You can find a sample code snippet to create process instance in the API documentation,


    If you are looking for more it would be better to reach out to AgilePoint PS team who can arrange a demo for your use case.


    Aravind Rajanna


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