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    Harish lakshmana



    That happens sometime with article over internet. Let me see if can I be helpful.

    As any Entity systems out there, Data Entity also has an Internal column ID which is the main value of all business logics which gets applied as part of the product.


    When you are creating a new Entity you would have noticed the 'Record Internal Name' details which is the Primary key column details to be chose by the person designing the entity. At background ID column will be added and maintained by Data Entity which is referred as Record ID. The ID column's value got termed as Record ID.

    In future version of the product, Record ID is not mandatory in Update Entity Activity as you see today, You can also use the primary key column which you choose during Entity Creation which would be lot more helpful in many cases.


    In the documentation, https://documentation.agilepoint.com/00/appbuilder/cloudenvShapeUpdateDataEntity.html#UpdateDataEntity

    The sentence 'Specifies an ID of a record to change in an AgilePoint NX entity.' is actually referring to the ID column in technical way though it sounds like regular business user sentence.




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