Provide Access to External Clients


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    Loren Bratzler

    Since no one else has commented on this I will throw this out:

    If you want a specific user to be sent a task and then have that user have access to the eForms Report View, then they are going to have to have an AgilePoint User-ID.

    If you can't setup the external users in advance, then you will probably have to use an anonymous form and one of the functions of that anonymous form could be to have the user enter their information so that you can create an AgilePoint user-id for them.  Since you are using Active Directory for access control, that may mean you would need to create an AD Account for the external user.

    We have some external users that get tasks from our systems and even have access to reports.  But in order to make that work, we had to assign them AD Accounts.

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