Use the Default Event Logging for AgilePoint NX Applications / Create Detailed Audit Logs for this Entity



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    Varun Agasthya

    Hello Christian,

    You can try to get the data by making use of below API and payload. However, we checked with the product team that Audit log mainly logs details related to Entity Metadata, also there has been some pending work against Audit logging. The product team is planning to come up with an UI to view it as well, also the current label is misleading it might get reviewed and changed as per behavior.

    Endpoint: DataEntity/QueryEntityAuditTrail







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    Christian Del Angel

    Hello Varun,

    I checked the list of methods and this endpoint does not come

    I made the query and it throws me the following

    <p xmlns="">Endpoint not found. Please see the
    <a rel="help-page" href="">service help page</a> for constructing valid requests to the service.

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    AgilePoint NX Support

    Remove the authentication information from API and share the full information of your attempt for verifying.

    Also, on which version of AgilePoint release are you on? We see the method listed for us.

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