Break inheritance for document in SharePoint document library


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    Varun Agasthya

    Hi Patrick,

    Yes, you can break inheritance for a document in SharePoint document library using break inheritance activity. We have verified by breaking inheritance for a document and set permission to the same document using set permission activity and it seems to be working fine for us. In case you face issue with breaking inheritance for a document in document library using Break Permission Inheritance activity, could you please share below information?

    1. Please share the error message from Manage Center and debug, error, info log file name starting with “SPCSOMAgileConnector” from following path “C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePointServerInstance\log”
    2. Let us know your current AgilePoint version.
    3. Please confirm if you have been trying to break inheritance and set specific permission for a user against the document in library. If no, please help us understand your use case.
    4. Can you please send us screen capture of Break Permission Inheritance activity?
    5. "I have successfully done it with a list item, but unable with a document." - Can you please elaborate on this for better understanding (like do you mean the process instance gets suspended in Break Permission Inheritance with an error message or unable to set  specific permission when set permission activity is followed by break permission inheritance activity etc)

    Please find the screen captures for reference.



    Varun Agasthya

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