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    Hi Maruthi Ellendula

    Your question is uncertain to answer, can you please add more details to it.

    Thank you.

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    Maruthi Ellendula

    Hello Team,


    I am trying to convert an .xlsx file to Base64 and send the base 64 code to an API.

    Excel to be converted to base 64


    I am using upload activity to upload the above excel.

    Requirement is to convert the above excel to base64 string




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  • Hello Maruthi,

    there is no out of the box possibility to store a file as base64 string in AgilePoint. You could go one of the following ways for that:
    1) create a stored procedure in a database, that takes the file path of the file and stores it in database as base64
    2) you can create a webservice, that takes the file path of the file and returns a base64 string back, that you could store in an agilepoint variable. With this approauch i would suggest to erase the variable after you used it to save space in AgilePoint database.


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