How to set a Date Field in dependence of another Date Field and adding additional days


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    AgilePoint NX Support

    I believe both the date fields you have in same form and the functionality should be once the first date is selected , the other date should be automatically get selected based on the calculation. (first date + 365 days )

    We can achieve this using java script code . We can write a java script method which will do the calculation based on the selection of First date and input for how many days you want to add .

    In the configuration window of Start Date on Change Event, you can call the above java script method . So this will trigger the method to calculate the new date every time you change the Start Date

    So as per your requirement above , you want to add 365 days , which is like 1 year will get added to the selected date .

    If you want to add few months or few dates , the calculation logic will change accordingly .

    Here is a sample code snippet to achieve this . 

    function addExtraDateToDependentDateField()
        var startDate= $('#StartDate').val(); 
        var fUllDate= new Date(startDate);
        var date= (fUllDate.getDate()) <= 9 ? "0" + (fUllDate.getDate()) : (fUllDate.getDate());
        var month = (fUllDate.getMonth()) <= 9 ? "0" + (fUllDate.getMonth()) : (fUllDate.getMonth());
        var year = fUllDate.getFullYear() + 1; // 365 days is 1 year 
        var endDate = month + "/" +date + "/" + year;

    Here is screenshot of the above code result.

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