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    Lucas Drege

    Hi Aamir,

    It would be helpful to learn more about your use case, but as I understand it, this can be achieved via out of the box file upload control functionality combined with the Microsoft Word stencil.

    With the file upload control, we can restrict the actions a user can take during the various stages of the process.  As an example, in the Submit step, a user might upload new files, whereas in subsequent steps only view the files.  This can be controlled in the Configure menu for the control as shown below.

    To create a PDF of the documents attached, we have a Document process stencil, which includes PDF conversion activity.  I have linked the documentation below. 

    If you do ultimately need filenames and url, we can do that via script, and can get that for you if needed.



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    Aamir Babar

    Thanks Lucas!. That's exactly i what i wanted.

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