Userprofile info from SharePoint in eForms



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    Phread Langford

    The 403 says that you don't have permission.

    Do you have an account to the SP Site with full control?  if so then use that account to do the SharePoint activity Get User Profile.   I use my account in the User field to setup then change to the variable that will hold the user who's information I want.

    There is a "gotcha".  In SharePoint the user information list on a site collection is only populated if the user visits the site or is granted individual permissions.  I believe the  SP Activity Get User Profile is going against the UIL not UP.

    If the information is stored in AD, then I would use the Active Directory activity Retrieve User instead.  However you will need an account with the permissions to read AD.  Talk to your security and infrastructure team (or whatever they are called for your organization).


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    Anoop Tiwari

    Hi Phread,

    Thanks for your response, I am working on an eForm where I have some of the fields which need to be auto-filled based upon user profile property. It's not a process so I am not sure if I can use any of the mentioned activities.

    Please suggest something which can be used on form itself.



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