Setting Field Values on Hidden Sections



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    Phread Langford

    That's my understanding. That non-displayed (not enabled) sections or subforms are not processed. 

      I assume you have tried duplicating the values in hidden fields on the form, then on the next form load rules if the main fields are not populated copying the values from the hidden fields.

    It leaves a bloated form, but it seems to work.



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi Loren / Phread,

    We have the development team looking at this currently to verify it is a bug and will process it in the next development cycle.


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    Loren Bratzler

    One thing I discovered while doing some testing this morning.  My form has a "Save" button on it to allow the users to save changes they make to the data on the form without submitting it.  Since these hidden fields are being set at form load time, I found that if I clicked the "Save" button immediately after the form loads, then the values that were set in the hidden fields do get saved in the process schema.

    So I am wondering if it might be possible to trigger the "Save" action via JavaScript?  If so, I could have the Auto-Lookup execute the JavaScript after lookup completion.

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