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    Karl Makatenas

    Lookups are one of the more annoying controls to get right.  Because of the timing between the lookup response and the AgilePoint data population, I often run into race conditions and fail to populate data just like you did here.  The more cascaded fields you have, the greater the chance of failure.

    The workaround I always use is a text box or text area that copies the data.
    On the initial form:
    1) Hide the Text Area
    2) Have the List Box dump data into a Text Area, usually by means of a Rule

    On subsequent loads:
    1) Hide the List Box

    This solution only works if the List Box is Read-Only after the first form.  If you need other users to edit the same field, then the only solution I've been able to guarantee success with is JavaScript.  Fire the data population callback once the lookup completes, and the race condition never occurs.

    Hopefully someone else has solved this issue and can teach us the right way to handle it.

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    Christopher Lauss

    Hi Karl,
    thanks for your answer.
    I've implemented this workaround.

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