Shared Mailboxes with Office 365 and Event Services, is it possible?



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    I don't know whether our email account is set up as a 'shared' account on O365. 

    But this is the URL we use in the event service. MailServerUrl:


    It has been running for over a year; even though we did not go live with training the users on the output, the event service works and kicks off the application instance and passes through attachments and subject information as intended. 

    So it could be the type of O365 account - I can do more research with our guys - or it could be the other settings you have entered in the mail server configuration screen. 

    Note how the username was entered


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    Ah yes, Thanks Nik,


    That configuration works for us as well for an account with an associated Office365 account.   I have the same settings.


    Office 365 offers something called Shared mailboxes as well that can be used like aliases.   Since People are granted access to shared mailboxes, there is no associated "User" and "Pass" for them.   With the configuration options available in agilepoint, that would lead me to believe that if it was supported it would be an extra parameter in the URL. 


    I found on this site it is possible to access shared mailboxes via IMAP with the following instructions:

    To access shared mailbox's folders in MS Exchange or Office 365 via IMAP, you should log in with\SharedMailboxAlias username and your account's password. You'll be logged in a shared mailbox instead of your normal account. From that, you can proceed as usually.

    however when I put in the \ to specify the shared mailbox, Agilepoint thinks I do not have a valid username input and will not let me test.


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    I had our guys check and it is just a regular user account. Apparently we had tried a shared account when first setting it up and could not get it to work. So I guess I'm just validating what you've found yourself. 

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