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    Loren Bratzler

    I created an AgilePoint process that runs every 30 minutes in our system (from 8AM to 5PM) to look for various error conditions.  Suspended process is one of the things I check for:

    You need to create an Access Token to your AgilePoint database and then use a query multiple activity like this:


    I capture the Application Name, Process Instance Name, Process Instance ID, Start Date, and Process Initiator and map those fields to my process schema:



    I then have a condition check that checks to see if any data was found:

    If data is found, I generate an email that is sent to the "Application Runtime Managers" role:


    The email that is generated looks like this:

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    Karl Makatenas

    While I don't know your exact use case, I can give you a few pointers.

    To directly answer your question, I think the only way to "get notified" about a suspended process is to build your own SQL query and run it on a timer to pull data, then set up a notification system of your own creation.

    But since I don't do that, here's what I do.

    First, you can access the Properties -> Agile Properties setting within the process builder ribbon and set certain activities to keep moving forward even if they don't operate as expected.  This way, it won't prevent users from doing their work.

    Second, if you have a faulty system component that depends on a large amount of complex data processing or an unreliable server, you can use some of the activities from the Utilities library, such as the looping activities, to retry the process until a certain expected output is received.

    Last (from what I can think of at the moment), you can build in error handling into your process.  I've done this type of procedure in a number of critical applications (albeit I still have some work to do in finding out how the faults occur and what logic to run when an error does occur).

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas on how to mess with your processes and mitigate some of the problems that may occur.

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