Can I change the process initiator in a running process?



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi Cindy,

    As of now, Process Initiator cannot be changed through the UI, or via the API.  Can you share with me your use case?  I'd like to take this back to the development team.


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    Cindy Xiong

    Hi Lucas,

    We are a college with employee and student AgilePoint users. I recently built an event eForm that only employees are allowed to submit. However, a student intern submitted the form the other day on behalf of an employee. Now the student is receiving all the process initiator emails, not the employee.

    Thanks so much for bringing this back to the development team! I'd love the ability to change the process initiator. 


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    Loren Bratzler

    I think having the ability to change the Process Initiator might be a good feature but I think there could be some risk there as well in that you might not be able to tell later who really did initiate the process.

    When you say that an intern submitted the form on behalf of an employee, that implies that the employees and interns all have the same permissions to initiate the process.  So how will you know when you need to change the initiator?

    It seems like you would have to have two user groups, "Employees" and "Interns".  Then in your start form, you would need to check if the initiator is in the Employee group or the Intern group.  If they are in the Intern group, you show a mandatory drop-down list where they must pick who they are submitting "On Behalf Of".  Then you could define a process field called "Initiator" (or similar).  If the "On Behalf Of" field is populated, you copy that value into the "Initiator" process field.  If it is not populated, you copy the system field ProcessInitiator to the process field.  Then you modify your notifications to be sent to the "Initiator" process field instead of the normal system ProcessInitiator.

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