Picklists fail to load in Cloud Version



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi there,

    We were not able to reproduce this error on our side.  Could you please let me know if there are any items in the picklists you're using?



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    MWS Group

    Yes there were 4 items in the Picklist, Lucas. 


    Here is an image of the eForm.  All the fields in the far-right column load the same Picklist.   I have circled where the Picklist refused to load.     

    My instance is in the Cloud.  Sometimes a user can enter the entire first page of data, only to find that on the 2nd page, a Picklist has failed to load and that he must refresh the entire Form (losing his data) in order to get all the fields to pre-populate with the Picklist he needs. 

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    MWS Group

    I just loaded an eForm that has to bring in the same Picklist multiple times.  You'll see in the image that the Picklist doesn't load initially.    

    If I refresh the browser 3 or 4 times, the Picklists will eventually load but any fields that had Rules dependent upon the Picklist fields will not run

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