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    Karl Makatenas

    The best idea I have is to create an Auto Lookup with a REST request to the AgilePoint server and pull back the members of a given group, then write a bit of JavaScript to compare the user to the results list.  It's not fun if you need to check multiple groups, but I can't think of any other way within a form.  Hopefully someone else has a better idea.

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    Phread Langford

    Create a hidden field Groups  and on form load populate with $(UserGroups) (which is the groups in AgilePoint that the current user belongs to)  then in a later rule hide/show  sections if  Groups contains "my-group-name"

    The problem with this is that you have to have the AD groups duplicated in AgilePoint (if use exact name and have AD lookup setup then it will autopopulate).   The only problem I have run into is that disabled users are still kept in the groups.

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