eForm Event "subForm.onAddRecord"


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    Karl Makatenas

    In JavaScript, this means that each of the properties eventArgs.element and eventArgs.newRow are further nested objects that have more properties within them.  I recommend avoiding the alert() function when debugging because it doesn't allow you to step through the code and find what you need very efficiently; instead, start off with a debugger statement and use your browser's inspector (usually F12 or Ctrl+Shift+i) to step through the code and access nested object properties:

    eFormEvents.subForm.onAddRecord = function (eventArgs) 
      //more code here

    Since this is more of a JavaScript question and not so much an AgilePoint question, I'm not sure how much more support you can get for learning how to debug JavaScript on these forums.  Here's a video tutorial that may help you start:


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