How would I populate a dropdown list to display a specific agilepoint group and select a user in that group?



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi David,

    Depending on how you're approaching this, there are 2 ways to achieve it.

    If during application design, you know the group that you'd like to display -

    We have a User List Control in eForms, which will allow you to select the group and populate the users.

    But again, this will only work if you know the group name in advance when designing the application.


    If you'd like to select a group, and then display users in the group, you'll need to write an API call.  I have linked the relevant documentation below.

    Getting Groups

    Getting Group Members

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    Loren Bratzler

    If you don't know the name of the group you will be pulling from at design time, there is another approach that I use quite often that utilizes an Auto Lookup that is bound to the drop-down list.

    We have several Operating Companies and we have defined User Groups for each company.  For example, we have Estimators that are defined in Company specific groups.  The groups are named with the Company Abbreviation followed by "Estimators".  Here are some examples of what the Group Names look like:

    ABC Estimators
    DEF Estimators
    XYZ Estimators

    On our eForm, the user has to first pick which company they are working with from a drop-down list.  When they pick the company from the list, the value stored for the selection behind the scenes is the Company Abbreviation.

    I then have an Auto Lookup on my form that is configured to execute when the Company field is changed:

    Note that the lookup is bound to the "Estimator" control which is a drop-down list.

    The actual lookup itself is configured to pull data directly from the AgilePoint tables  WF_GROUP_MEMBERS and WF_REG_USERS:

    Note how I concatenate the ${CompanyAbbreviation} from the selected company with the rest of the group name " Estimators".

    Also note that this requires that you setup an Access token to your AgilePoint database:


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    David Moore

    Thank you Loren after research I used the same approach you have displayed and it worked for me. Thank you both Lucas and Loren for your feedback 

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