How to Avoid "Conflict in Form Submit"



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi Nicholas,

    Yes, the behavior you are seeing is by design.  It sounds like what has happened is one of the parallel tasks is now 'out of date' as the other user has entered data into the form which is not reflected in the previous user's task.  If you run into this scenario, please have the user refresh the page and retrieve the new data from the schema.

    As an alternative, you can also use sequential tasks, though I understand your business case may not allow for this.

    Hope this helps.


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    We have this use case quite a bit in our multi departmental quote application. Users may have a long form which needs to stay open for a while. We also use the native 'save for later' but this did not solve the problem directly.

    The design pattern we are using is a subprocess where the schema is 'copied', not 'shared'. at the end of the subprocess is a custom web service which copies the changed data to the parent process based on parent process ID. 

    The web service, or 'wcf' was custom built by agilepoint professional services. 


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