Open eForm on Mobile App Through a Link in an Email


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    Loren Bratzler

    Probably need one of the technical persons from AgilePoint to respond to this to see if I remember this correctly:

    I believe that you have to define a Shared Variable that is specific for the mobile app.  You probably already have some kind of "TaskURL" variable that you use in your emails that is defined something like:

    I think that you have to define another variable that you could name something like "MobileTaskURL" that would be defined as:

    If you have tasks that could potentially be opened by a user in either the Mobile App or a regular web browser, then you might have to provide two links in your emails.  One for the regular web browser and one for the App.

    But again, I may not be remembering this completely correct. It would be best if one of the AgilePoint technical experts would chime in on this.

    In our business, we do have users who use the Mobile App, but they simply open the app and go to their inbox to see what tasks they have.  They typically only use the links in the emails when they are in the office.



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