Add Active Directory group inside other group



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    Loren Bratzler

    I don't believe AgilePoint has a built in activity for creating a sub-group in AD.  What you might want to consider is using a PowerShell Command activity (found in the Utilities stencil).  There are tons of examples of how to manipulate AD with PowerShell on the internet.

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    Jordi Burgas

    Hi Loren !


    Thanks for your reply. Only please one comment about your solution : ok wiht powershell i can extend more functionality to base activities for Active Directory - and fon SharePoint / Exchange / etc... - but i think that this solution add more complexity to IT Configuration because is necesary activate other configurations like grant remote server script execution ,etc ...

    The AD Toolbox Integration, It should allow to perform complex tasks like this because in relatively large organizations this type of requirement is very frequent not only to add a user to a group or get profile properties...

    Thanks for your reply, only is a reflection out loud.


    Best regards,



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