Populating Text Field with Look up Information



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    Scott Bennett

    So the basic way is to click on configure and then either select or edit a lookup source. Just database queries that you map to fields in your form..

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    Nadia Segura

    Use an auto-lookup control

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    Darci Fluit

    I should have been more specific. I'm using an Auto-Look up to get the information from a SharePoint list, I would like to pull in just a text field from the looked up information instead having it bound to a repeating field.

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    Lucas Drege

    hi Darci,

    Let me know if this helps.

    Lookup Configuration Screen with Mapped Field:

    Query execution, prompting response in design time:

    Runtime Execution:



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    Darci Fluit

    That is what I needed Lucas, Thank You!

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