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    Stef Vermeulen

    The AND activity has not many configuration options, but it allows you to be very flexible in the process design.

    - First of all, it is an explicit activity indicating a process has to wait for all incoming connectors. So having multiple activities in parallel, or even spread around different (sub) process templates, they all can connect to that 1 AND activity needing the process to wait for all activities to complete before proceeding. 

    - Secondly the AND activity can act as a "split" activity. If you need to activate multiple activities after a branch of a condition, you typically use the AND activity to split to those multiple activities.

    - All of the activities have a property called "WaitAllIncoming" that actually perform the same behavior, but it is kind of "hidden" in the configuration of the activity, rather than seeing it explicitly in the process design.

    Hope this helps.


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