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    Hi Patrick,

    From my experience, once a process instance is cancelled, there is no way to bring it back to life. What you can do is, may be reach out to the AgilePoint Support team for alternatives.


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    Harish Lakshmana


    In BPM modelling usual approach is to not revive the cancelled process flow. The business actions, criteria and data at the time of cancelling might be different from the when it is revived leading to conflicted business decisions and outcomes.

    In AgilePoint there is not custom way to revive the same instance however you can reuse the old process instance data to submit a new instance so that the business process flow will go through all the designs and actions to make sure the same set of data is still valid for business operations.

    I was not able to find the document for this in v8/v9 but you can reach to AgilePoint team for more details. 


    The initiation eform URL can be appended with query string property 'PreviousPIID' and set the value of the instance which you are looking to un-cancel, to this property. This will open a new eForm with all the values copied from the cancelled instance.


    In V8 and V9 AgilePoint product, this feature is directly available in Work Center > Inbox > Processes > Process I started.

    Click on the more options icon in process Instance information card to get 'Clone Request' option.



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