Auto complete/cancel tasks based on another parallel task's progress.


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    AgilePoint EMEA Support

    Hi Harish,

    You have two main options built for that kind of use cases:

    1. The Or Activity with its Exclusive option (turned on by default). Activity can be found under the Common Activity Library. You merge your Task 1 and Task 2 into the OR activity. In the configuration of the OR activity you have the option to set the Exclusive configuration, so the nearest incoming activity will be canceled before the OR activity complete and produce its outgoing. You can configure it with more than one way to achieve your desired use case, either symmetric or asymmetric. See screenshot below as a sample.

        2. The Cancel Tasks activity. Activity can be found under the Utility Activity Library. You can include it as part of your model flow and configure it to cancel and other pending activities.

      Explore this options to find which better suite your use case. Generally speaking and by the current straight forward description of the use case, the OR would be the proper one.
        Depending on the complete use case, more options may be available. For sample, if you only need one of the users to complete the task, and task is the same task, you may consider use a single activity with a Task Pool - i.e. assign the two participants for the task and set the 'The maximum number of participant to complete this task' to 1, so only one will need to be assigned and complete the task. The other task will automatically be removed when first will be assigned. 
        Enjoy and build happy apps.
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