Textbox values inside SubForm not loading after saving and reopening



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    Manoj Kumar Nagaraj

    Hi Krish,

    Yes your guess is correct, when AutoLookup control executes it gets a new set of data and binds to Subform control. For this binding to happen it has to remove the old data available in Subform control. Data available from the AutoLookup control gets the highest priority in this scenario. Hence your saved schema for subform control is overridden.

    Please go through the below example to understand the sequence of rendering the saved forms.

    Let’s assume that user gets two records from lookup and user manually adds one more record and saves the form in runtime.

    Below are the steps followed in eForm module to load the saved form

    1. When trying to load form in runtime, we check if there is any saved schema for this form
    2. If the schema is available, we get the schema and try to bind the schema values to controls
    3. In this case for subform there are 3 records to be bound, so we bind all 3 records to subform
    4. Once the form load is about to be completed, we identify the lookups needed to be triggered on Form Load and execute the lookup
    5. Since the lookup executes it comes with fresh set of data (in this case it is 2 records). These 2 records will now be bound to subform
    6. Hence the manually added record is overridden
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    Thank you Manoj ..

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