Dynamic Task Pool Missing from eForms Activity Library


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    Cindy Xiong

    Well, if anyone stumbles upon this post, AgilePoint decided to remove the Dynamic Task Pool activity because of runtime performance. One help desk ticket I found out you can enable the activity by:

    1) Go to C:\ProgramFiles\AgilePoint\AgilePointWebApplication\AgilePointPortal\Modules\AgilePoint.Portal.AppBuilder\Content and open PD.Settings.xml

    2) Find the below property and change the value to true
    <Property Type="bool">

    3) Increase the ReleaseVersion number by 1 in the Portal Web.Config File(Generally in C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePointWebApplication\AgilePointPortal)

    4) Clear browser cache and reload the App Builder page to find the Dynamic Task Pool Activity.

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