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    Yaniv Levi

    Hi Nadav,


    When you pass the form the PID in the query string, the report view will be rendered, that is the task form for an eFrom activity which has the property Report View = True.

    By default, the Start Task has this property set to True, yet this can be changed and you can set any other task to be used for for the Report View.

    Report view is an eForm Task Form of an eForm Activity set with “Report View = true” and will be used as a Data viewer for the process instance:

    • As part of the “Report View” definition, Data will show as a Read-Only, regardless of the  behavior set for the associated Task Form controls.
    • Though fields are by design all read-only in the report view – existing rules to Show/Hide/Set Field Value etc. will still apply.
    • The Report View form is available as soon as the process instance starts, regardless if process has reached the report view activity, and is available also after process instance completed/canceled.
    • The report view will be available as part of process instances context menu under the WorkCenter (i.e under Process I started, Processes I Participated) and under the Process instances runtime manage within the Manage Center.
    • Only one eForm activity in a process model can be set as Report View

    Report view activity best practice:

    • Use standard task activity.
    • Placed just before the End activity.
    • Set with a dedicated task form to be used for view form.
      • As form is read only – advice to remove and rules and mandatory fields – to make sure form will load and provide data visualization with no dependency.
    • Set with ReportView=True and AutoComplete=true.
      • Note: By default, the Start Task has the Report View = True. This can be changed to any other Task, if needed..
    • Participant – typically ProcessInitiator or App owner/admin – though not critical as is is AutoComplete and just before the end, so no user will actually be assigned with it and will be required to complete it.

    As for the other question, "Is there a parameter to navigate to another eform instead (read only of course)?"

    Yes, the WID which required the value of the TaskID. Yet, this is for active tasks (i.e status = Assigned/Overdue/New). If task is not active or if the user opening the task is not the part of task participants, than proper message will be shown and form will not load.

    The way to go is using the report view best practice above.

    Enjoy and best regards ;)


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