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    Patrick Franklin

    This can be accomplished by using a data grid control and populating it with data from the AgilePoint DB table - WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS

    Here is the query we use:

    select NAME as [Task Name], ISNULL(FULL_NAME,WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS.USER_ID) as [Assignee], CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),ASSIGNED_DATE,110) as [Assigned Date], CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DUE_DATE,110) as [Due Date], CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),COMPLETED_DATE, 110) as [Completion Date], Status from WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS left outer join WF_REG_USERS on WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS.USER_ID = WF_REG_USERS.USER_NAME where PROC_INST_ID = '${ProcessID}' AND WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS.STATUS <> 'Removed' order by Assigned_Date

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