Task Names - What is it for?



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    Yaniv Levi

    Hi Rafael,

    Task names allows you to manually add logical names for tasks/views.

    This is applicable only when working with External Forms - the Task Names added will be available for you to select:

    When working with eForm Task Forms, then form name becomes the Task Name, is it is not needed, but with external form, AgilePoint cannot automatically drive the Task Name from the external forms, so it is allowed and needed to manually add and set it.

    This is also known as the Work To Perform:


    Hope this answer on your question and information you're looking for.



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    Rafael Oliveira

    Thank you, Yaniv. It wasn't clear in the documentation about that. 

    So the only way to change the Task Name in an eForm is by changing its name, right? 

    Thank you once again.


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