process instance suspended - max session exceeded



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    Meenakshi Nadimuthu

    Hello Sylvia, 

    Session is the number of times the activity is activated. When there is a loop in the process model, the activities involved could be activated multiple times. AgilePoint by default allow the process to loop up to 50 times, when the process loop the 51th iteration, the process will get suspended the error will be sent. This is a safety net to avoid infinite looping of process instances. 

    Based on your description, it seems like that the looping is not expected. Please check the process design logic. 

    However, if the process is expected to loop more than 50 times, please check the article below to increase the maxLoop or Maximum Sessions Allowed. 

    Hope this helps! 

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    Sylvia Able

    I didn't know this.  Thank you Meenakshi!

    There's still the odd issue that the process runs are not showing on the Runtime Management Processes screen.  I cannot figure out why.  I think I will issue a support ticket for that.  There's something else going on and I really need it resolved today, if possible.  Thanks for your quick response!

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