Assign a parallel task based on a repetitive subform


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    Aravind Rajanna

    Hello Rafael,

    Here is a sample code snippet to get the data from the subfrom. Please call this method on “Before submit”. Add hidden text field to the form and in the below script we are binding the subform dropdown value to the hidden text field. Use this hidden text field to the sequential task participant.

    Hope this answer on your question and information you looking for

    function getresponsibleuser()
    var responsibleuser="";
    var options = {};
    options.fieldId = 'GetSubFormData'; //Give SubForm Internal Id
    eFormHelper.getSubFormData(options, function (result)
    if (result.isSuccess)
    responsibleuser += d["DropdownList1"]+";" // Give Dropdown Control Id.


    eFormHelper.setFieldValue({fieldId:'TestUsers',value:responsibleuser.slice(0,-1)}, function (result){}); // TestUsers is an hidden field control id.



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