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    Scott Bennett

    I had this myself. I wrote a subprocess that I could use where the full name is passed in and parsed out into First and Last name.

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    Darci Fluit

    That's to bad that its not just an option on the system variables. What objects did you use in the subprocess to get the Name?

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    Scott Bennett

    Out of the Library you can use the Get User Information. Assuming your user is an AP user you can pass in the username and get any of the information that was required when they were registered. Full name is one of the fields as well as email and a other information

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    Andreas Blersch

    Another possible solution is to set the user on a userlist form control automatically with javascript and use these control to get the fullname for eg in a email.

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    Mario Oenning

    If it's an eForm process, just put a (hidden) textbox onto the submit form with the default value: ${UserFullName}

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    We do the same as Mario. Extra fields, but it stores what you want at the time you capture it.

    This is especially important to do with writing to a sharepoint list in O365, and you need an extra field to get the users email address if you want it to go to a username field in sharepoint list. The domain/user from agilepoint on premise will not resolve. 

    So we end up with 3 fields: 

    • username
    • userfullname
    • email

    these fields are all on the form and are used at different points in time like for assigning tasks/rework, display in the forms, and writing to sharepoint list. 

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