How to add new Users programatically



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    Lucas Drege

    Hi David, Kyle,

    Thanks for chiming in here!  There are a few resources that may be helpful in this.

    • Can it sync with Active Directory on a periodic basis to add and update AP Users?

    Yes, this is supported.  Please see this link.

    • Is there an API I can call to add/update users and assign the User Role?

    This is also supported, using either REST or WCF.  Please see these links: Here and Here.

    • Is it possible/supported to write directly to WF_REG_USER and associated tables?

    This is possible, but we always recommend not touching the AgilePoint database directly. There is API information available here.

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    David Moore

    Hey is there a way to add an user to a particular AD Group? For example if an eform is approved then i would like to add the selected user to the AD group in the workflow where access was granted?

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    Loren Bratzler

    There is an entire group of activities for Active Directory in the Active Directory stencil:

    The "Add User To Group" activity is what you are looking for and it is very easy to configure.  However, you must configure an access token to your Active Directory system first before you will be able to use any of these activities.

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