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    Venkat A
    The answer to this question is simple and easy to accomplish in AgilePoint. To move an application all one needs to do is sign-in to their AgilePoint account that has the application they want to move. Click on Build Apps from AgilePointe's main menu and click on the application that is in the My Application section on the left, then click Export in the My Applications menu. This will download a zip file of that application. Then sigh-in to the AgilePoint account you want the application to be moved to, click on Import in the My Applications menu and select the downloaded zip file of that application. This will install or import the application where it can then be edited or published.
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    Scott Bennett

    i don't believe this is a complete move. I think the Shared Variables must be exported separately as well as any groups you might use. The CSS, Shared CSS, Java and Shared Java also must be done separately. If the tokens created are not the same name then you have to re-establish the new tokens in the new environment. I am sure I have missed other things...

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    Meenakshi Nadimuthu

    You are right Scott.

    Yes, In addition to Application Zip file export and import, they also need to export and import  applicable Global App tokens, Global email templates , Shared Variables and eForm Settings. 

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