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    To get to the location to start your process migration, login to your AgilePoint account and then click on Manage in the main menu. Hover over Runtime Management that is found on the tool bar on the left and select Processes. Here is where you will begin the process migration.
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    Ron Hall

    When you are in Manage > Runtime Management > Processes, search for your process by clicking on the magnifying class icon in the upper right hand corner.  Select which processes you want.  Since you can't migrate a closed instance, this will generally be Running. 

    When you see the instance you want to migrate, click on the little triangle icon on the left of the list and choose the process monitor (the little eye) icon.  Then choose Suspend.  Once the process is suspended, choose Migrate.  After you have done whatever review you wish and are sure you want to migrate, click on Confirm Migrate.  Resume your process.


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