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    sanjay hotmail
    The AgileReport role has defult set of permission levels, we can always add the permissions to that role on AgileReportsSteps for adding the Custom Permission Levels:1. Go to Reports2. Click on the Configuration3. Click on User Configuration -> Roles4. Go to Personal Report Users -> Actions -> Modify Role5. Check the Assigned Permissions assigned to that role ex: Assume it has the following assigned permissions Manage My Personal Reports , View My Personal Reports6. Click on User Configuration -> Permissions -> Manage My Personal Reports -> click on the Actions (pencil icon)7. You can see what assigned rights assigned to this permission, you can always add the available rights to the permissions8. Add the following rightsa. Right to add bar charts to reportsb. Right to add calculated columns to reportsc. Right to add cross tab to reportsd. Right to add heatmap to reportse. Right to add line charts to reportsf. Right to add pie charts to reportsg. Right to add scatter charts to reportsYou can add rights whichever it required for this permission9. Click on Save10. Now you can check for the user he will see more options
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