What makes AgilePoint's "concurrent user" offering different



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    Yoong Seng
    Most "concurrent user" environments only allow a certain number of users to log into the system. Once the maximum number of log ins has been reached, no additional user can log into the system until someone logs out. AgilePoint NX is different. In AgilePoint, a concurrent user seat is only consumed when the user interacts with a process (launch; approve; review; etc.). The seat is not consumed simply by logging into AgilePoint. This means that any number of individuals can log into AgilePoint. The capacity (number of concurrent users) is only impacted when a process event takes place. It works like this: When a user interacts with the process a seat is consumed from the concurrent user pool. Once the activity is completed a five minute timer begins. At the end of five minutes, if that user has not performed any other direct action with an AgilePoint process, the seat is returned to the user pool.
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    AgilePoint Documentation

    Please see the Concurrent User License FAQ.

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