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    When you first begin your process, you have to make sure that you drop your first activity on the line between the start and end objects. You will know when you connect properly when the line glows green. That is when you should release your mouse button. After you have activities on your process and you want to connect from one to another, there are two ways to do this. 1. Go to the Common stencil and drag a connector activity on to the process diagram. (Do not try to connect this to anything, just drop it on the diagram.) After it is present on the process diagram, drag the arrow end to the activity to your going to, and the other end to the activity from where you are originating. In both cases, drag the end to the center of the activity your are targeting. When it lights up with little green corners, release the mouse.2. Click on the originating activity. When it is highlighted, you will see a small squiggly line outside the upper right corner of the activity. Click on it and drag it to your target activity, i.e. the one you want to come next in your process. When it lights up with little green corners, release the mouse.
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