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    If Data Services has any errors while processing the WF_DATA_SERVICE_TEMPDB, it moves the records into the WF_DATA_SERVICE_ERRORDB table. You can see the list of errors in ERROR_DESC column of this table to fix the error before moving the records back to the WF_DATA_SERVICE_TEMPDB for reprocessing. To move these records from WF_DATA_SERVICE_ERRORDB to WF_DATA_SERVICE_TEMPDB, use the utility, [AgilePoint Data Services installation folder]DataServicesErrorUtility.exeSteps to run the DataServicesErrorUtility.exe 1. Login to AgilePointServer machine with AgilePoint system account 2. Go To C:Program FilesAgilePointAgilePoint Data ServicesDataServicesErrorUtility.exe3. Right click on DataServicesErrorUtility.exe and Run as administrator4. Enter AgilePoint Server WSHttpBinding EndPoint Url - Enter TempDB Connection String _رذ Connection String of AgilePoint Data Services6. Enter ErrorDb Connection String - Connection String of AgilePoint Data Services7. Click on Reload
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